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How to Start a Food Blog?

Are you interested  in starting a blog? It becomes  technically more difficult when you want to share your  thoughts on something. This article is going to direct you to take the lead. It will introduce you to the various ways and alternatives to express  your views or thoughts easily and according the peoples’s interest.I hope these tips will help you a lot to start a food blog:

 Two Ways to Start a Food Blog :

  • A web designer can be hired to that for you : For this, you need to spend some dollars, but this is certainly a good option.
  • Do it yourself:  You can do it by self-hosted website (wordpress).

Steps to Start Your Own Blog :

Here are the ways mentioned to start your website through WordPress that would be both beautiful and functional. For your blog to be successful you need to follow these steps mentioned below :

1.) Give a Fantastic Name to Your Blog & Buy a Specific Matching Domain

  • Domain name need to be short, memorable & should typically end with .com like (yourblogname.com).
  • It would cost you free from Bluehost.

So there are few points that you should keep in mind while deciding the domain name:

  • Short
  • Easy to spell
  • Memorable
  • Descriptive

Once you get introduced to new ideas, you need to check its availability. Find domains with .com as it is the  standard domain suffix. Don’t  go for special characters like hyphen, underscore, as it becomes difficult to remember those .

There are some tools where you can check availability of your domain. For example: Bluehost, Godaddy.

You can get a free domain name with Bluehost plan.

2.) Go and Get a Reliable Host to Start a Food Blog

  • A web host stores your website and makes it accessible to the world. Or you can also say that your  web host  server is the place where a site resides.
  • Bluehost is the most recommendable  for beginners. You can start with affordable hosting plan with bluehost. Else you  can go for Liquid Web for blogs that receive 2000 views per page.
  • It is affordable, reliable and easy to set up,24/7 customer support. It is the inexpensive way to host websites. If you didn’t get satisfy with the services of Bluehost then it can even refund your amount.

How to choose your bluehost plan?

  • Choose your Plan: Get the starter plan, which is the least expensive & offers everything you need to get started.
  • Choose your term: Get free domain name for a year and discount on monthly basis, you will need  to pay for atleast one year.
  • Choose your Add-ons: You can go for domain privacy protection which will make sure your personal  address is kept private. Otherwise your personal details will be accessible to all marketers.

3.) Install WordPress to Start a Food Blog

It is the standard blogging software. Once you have installed Webpress,go to Settings.Then go to Permalink settings page and change your permalink structure to Post name. Save it . Now you can make your blog look pretty.

4.) Install a Theme from Word press to Start a Food Blog 

It will give you a look, feel and functionality for your website.

5.) Set Up Google Tools to Start a Food Blog

Google offer various tools and services like Google Analytics, Webmaster tool and feed burner.

Now the fun part is going to start. WordPress theme will give your site fantastic look. So, pick a good theme.

What to decide for a Word press theme:

  • Well designed : your theme should be well coded by someone who knows what to do. It should be able to offer the features you want.
  • Responsive: It helps you  build an optimal view  for your visitors, whether  you are visiting from your  phone , computer or tablet.
  • Optimized for search results: Your site will automatically rank on top  if its free from errors and with good visibility.
  • User Friendly : Find a theme that offers built in design so you don’t need to edit code for any changes.
  • Backend by great support : A responsive support  team  is an invaluable resource , when you deal with experience  technical

Studio press- It offers the most beautiful, functional themes available. All of their themes are responsive, which is very important.

Tips for designing a user-friendly blog:

When you are tweaking the settings on your word press theme, keep these things in mind;

  • Clear navigation : keep your design simple and clean so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Encourage following: Place links to your RSS feed, email subscription option.
  • Commenting: Don’t require CAPTCHAs for this or ask visitors to login first.
  • Suggest Sharing : Provide social  media  sharing button .

6.) Install WordPress Plug-ins to Start a Food Blog

It would help you improve functionality. Like one of the WordPress plug-ins helps you prevent spam comment.

Below listed are some plugins that would provide valuable features to your theme:

  • AddThis: This is the social bookmarking plugins that is going to add facebook like button or Pin-it button at bottom of each post. You can add similar plugin like this if you are not able to use Addthis.
  • Akismet: It filters Spam comments  with even using the CAPTCHAS.
  • Easy Recipe: It helps you in showing pictures of your article in search results. It also helps you format your  your articles for search engine optimization.
  • jQuery Pin it Button for Images: As  a hover effect, it add a pin it button  so that you can easily pin your pictures.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast : This will help you make sure you have covered all the bases. It will take time for you to go through all the steps & set it up properly. Be sure about setting up Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools.
  • WordPress related posts: This plugin is used to show related posts at end of every post.

They offer various templates that makes it look better. This plugin is most preferred and liked  as it determines which posts should be shown up on outside servers, so that it doesn’t slow down my site.

How to Install  WordPress ?

You can check the sidebars on the dashboard where you can get a hover “Plugins”. Click on Add new option. Now you can search for your desired plugin  in Search plugin . When you find it just click on install. Then configure the settings as directed.

7.) Now You Can Start Blogging

You can start publishing your stories, articles and photos. Congratulations !! Now you can get started with your food blog.

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